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Mission Statement

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a lay Catholic organization whose mission is:

To live the Gospel message
by serving Christ in the poor
with love, respect, justice and joy.

Reports are pouring in depicting the magnitude of the crisis unfolding in Haiti. The Vincentian Family has a long history of presence in Haiti and is very much present in this crisis. It may well be providential that in this year dedicated to the 350th Anniversary of Vincent and Louise the Family chose to focus on collaborative projects in Haiti.
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Vision for 2002 2007

We seek to increase the awareness of the Society in the Western Region in order to increase Conferences, and raise funds to be self supporting to a greater extent. We hope to implant a new message to Conferences that seem to have become burdened and lost and this message will be of our Spirituality. We are called to be holy. We will provide materials so that each Vincentian can grow in their Spirituality. We will focus on youth and their energy to start up youth conferences throughout the Region. We hope to see a significant increase in well trained and motivated Vincentians. We will spread Vincentian Love and Spirit to reassure all Conferences and Councils place among us. We will communicate with isolated conferences to bring them closer to our family. We will diligently pursue the building of a collaborative relationship for all Vincentians of Western Regional Council, by recruiting Vincentians in all parts of our Region to hold positions on the Executive and Board as part of our desire to serve the Region and attain our goals. We will in all things come to conclusions in a democratic fashion and a sense of Vincentian Spirit. We will work together for the good of the Society as a Vincentian Family with international roots.


Spiritual: Develop ourselves Spiritually. Spirituality is the number one goal. Retreats, programmes and spiritual reflections and writings.

Growth: Particular Councils, Conferences. Getting into the data base for all Conferences and setting up a web site that works.

Corporate and Public Awareness: Making ourselves known through the media, both Catholic and secular; partnering with other agencies and working together on projects that will enhance the life quality of the poor. Actively seeing out corporate donations and bequests.

Endowments: ($500K)

Orientation: Screening, training, Spiritual on going (All Vincentians), developing media that can be used by all including videos, power points and print.

Incorporate: any Business venture and the goal is to have at least two in the Region.

Active youth Conferences: operating in the entire Region that has an aggregated Conference. Actively seek out youth to serve.

Address Liability: For the Board of Directors and for all Vincentians in the Region. Get liability insurance coverage.

Promoting: issue of advocating for the poor. Serving in Charity and Justice. (In many ways, returning to our roots.) Partnering with Social Justice Committees in all the Diocese in a movement of solidarity on the preferential option for the poor.

Address Burnout: Rejuvenate, train, reward.

Address start-up training in a timely manner: Vincentians must be trained and armed so to speak when they go to the poor. This should be done immediately, so that they may begin immediately.

Communicate at all levels and with the clergy, using all means of communication. (Internet, media, newsletters etc.) Hopefully it will be a two way street.

Accommodate and address Time Talent Treasure. Stewardship is a huge act to follow for all Vincentians and the most valuable gift is your time.

Groom new members at all levels for replacement. Mentoring each member that has the potential to lead.

Mentors for new members so that they understand something as simple as our slang and acronyms. Mentoring to bring all into the groove.

Discover how our benefactors, the poor, members and partners perceive us best omega replica and improve that perception.

Damage Control within Conferences, Councils and Isolated Conferences

Self Evaluation as a Board, looking at our Vision and Mission Statement Annually. Improving and rewarding.

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