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Spirituality of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Prayer & Reflection

Mother's Day

Mary, Mother of God; mother of the church; and mother of us all, intercede for us to your loving Son. Our earthly mothers and our heavenly mother always respond to signs of love. Let us be generous in our displays of affection to both. During this month of May, pay special attention to those mother’s in need. Try to make their mother’s day a little more special, by giving them Vincentian love and compassion.

As we travel along the road to holiness, we would do well to take Mary’s hand and imitate her as closely as we can. She is the example of holiness for us all and never stopped increasing in holiness. (Catechism of the Church #2030) We must not allow ourselves to be content with where we are on our spiritual journey. St. Gregory of Nyssa says, “Christian perfection has but one limit, that of having nine." (Catechism of the Church #2028)

Let us imitate Mary’s LOVE (CHARITY) for God and neighbour. Immediately she went to visit Elizabeth in spite of the difficulties. She is a model for us when we are tempted to think only of ourselves and our own personal problems. She said “Yes” to God’s call. Mary’s response was an unconditional “Yes." Lord help us to say “yes” to your call. Help us to serve in spite of difficulties.
Let us imitate her HUMILITY. Read and reflect upon Luke 1:46-55, the Magnificat. In order to make this prayer our own we must empty ourselves and recognize our littleness so that God will be glorified by what He does through us. (Catechism of the Church #273) When we do God’s work in serving the poor, let us always give Him praise and thanks for the work. What we do is not our work, but His. What we do is not our will, but His.

Let us imitate Mary’s OBEDIENCE OF FAITH. (Catechism of the Church #143-144) She freely submitted her intellect and will to God and so must we. We do this by listening to what God teaches us through scripture and church tradition. We ponder what we do not fully understand because God’s plans contain more mystery than clarity, and we inquire about what we do not know. We then go on to live what God asks of us -- moment by moment, day by day. Mary gives us an example of this obedience of faith at the Annunciation. Luke 1:26-35

Finally, let us imitate Mary’s PRAYER (Catechism of the Church #2617-2619) “Be it done unto me according to Your word.” Luke 1:38 Are we WILLING to freely and courageously, but with trepidation, pray this prayer to God? Ask Mary’s intercession that God will give us the grace (the power and the life of the Holy Spirit) to PRAY this prayer and to LIVE it.



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