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Our Services

Who do we Serve?

We are called to serve all those in need.  There are no boundaries, the only requirement is need.  No work of charity is foreign to the Society.  These are all stock phrases, but what do they mean.

We are here to serve the needy not the greedy.  There comes a time when you may have to do an evaluation on those you serve.  This is a Conference decision and is not the rule of thumb.  Many Conferences do this to protect their resources for those that may need more.  Guidelines can be set.  If someone is in need they should be served, even if they have abused before.  We are called to meet their needs.  These situations have to be talked about, prayed about and decided by the Conference.

There are not boundaries the only requirement is need.  Of course we sometimes have boundaries within our area of service.  This is necessary to avoid duplication.  The boundaries here refer to service.  We may be called to provide work boots for a person beginning a job.  We may need to provide transportation for someone to return to their home city.  In fact this has been done across Canada where a relay was set up to help a family travel from Vancouver to Halifax to be home after tragedy struck her family.  We may even be called upon to help someone pay their fines so that they may go to work.  Our ultimate goal is to help people out of their poverty and they sometimes need a hand out to give a hand up.  The ways to help people are limitless.  If you are doing home visiting, you will soon learn how you can help and where you are needed.  Many times, Vincentians need to give of themselves to be a mother or father figure to a single mom who has been abandoned by her parents.  Sometimes we just need to be a friend, someone to listen to the story.  If we carry groceries, visit the sick, lonely, imprisoned, drive people for food, groceries, jobs, appointments or help them move, providing furniture and space.  Whatever we are called to do and whatever we are able to do is the work of a Vincentian.

No work of charity is foreign.




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