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What is a Conference?

A Conference is a unit within the parish or community where members of the Society go to give and receive information. To pray, reflect and grow spiritually. To share the stories of the needy in a confidential, safe manner. To make decisions, to share ideas, hopes and dreams

Regular Meetings

We attend regular meetings, weekly or bi-weekly, but at least once a month, where we pray together, network and share. Members meet in a spirit of friendship and mutual respect and concern. This attitude stems from the Christian spirituality upon which the meeting and the Society is based. It is an opportunity for mutual support, spiritual growth, learning how to better serve the poor, and discussion of visits. Being a Vincentian means that one is open to learning, growth and renewal; we attend workshops, Masses, days of recollection and retreats to assist us in becoming better servants of the poor. We learn of the works of other levels and we share our resources with them and other Conferences that may be in need. As a Conference we are part of a huge family, world wide, we attempt to learn about our family from the other levels. all information should be shared. This is the purpose of this tool kit, the sharing of information from other Conferences.
At the meeting the contacts of each member are reported and discussed, necessary action is taken, and plans for any follow up are agreed upon. The business of the meeting is confidential. The meeting ensures efficiency and perseverance in our work, and binds the members together in a bond of friendship. Short prayers are said and a spiritual reflection is shared during the meeting.


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