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Greetings From The President

Our 11th annual general assembly in St. Albert, AB was wonderful. New friends were made, old friendships renewed and new things were learned. Thank you doesn’t seem an adequate expression for the gratitude I feel to the team who organized our celebration. They did a wonderful job.

Speaking of celebration, let’s make sure we all do something to celebrate our 175th birthday this year! This could be as simple as a birthday cake at your next meeting to a special retreat or birthday party at your Feast of Frederic Ozanam event. We can also celebrate the nomination of the Society for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Summer is almost here and many of you will take much needed vacations, even if just for a weekend. I hope you all take time to rest and rejuvenate and take care of the caregiver. I pray that your summer will be safe, relaxing and filled with joy.

In a little more than 2 weeks we are off to Quebec for our National Annual General Assembly. It thrilled me to find that so many Western Vincentians are planning to attend.

Our theme for the year is

“I will show you my faith by my works (James 2.18)
Let us go to the poor...”

This first year of being President has flown by. I have learned a lot, made more than a few mistakes and have been blessed to be able to go out to meet so many of you. I’m sure a requirement of this position is definitely “must enjoy waiting in airports”. One doesn’t really grasp how big a region this is until you have tried to travel to as many areas of the region in one year as you can. Everywhere I went I was made to feel like one of the family and could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit among you.

God bless all of you! And now

Let us go to the poor

Peace of Christ
Pat Bennetto




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