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General Information

The Rule

By the end of 1835 there were two hundred and fifty members in the Society. It seemed about time to provide the Society with the rules of a regular organization. The revered Mr. Bailly at the same time, determined to give the Society a written rule. He assigned M. Lallier to draft a rule, reserving for himself some preliminary reflections.
This rule, amended at different periods, has been and is still today the guide for the Society. The latest revised edition was printed in 2007.

It is highly recommended that each member of the Society make it his or her duty not only to read the Rule and its commentaries but to study it and be inspired by it.
The Rule and study of the Rule is quite inspirational and very scripturally based. It makes a great Reflection during your meetings and will make better Vincentians of all when it is embraced.



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